Outstanding Results anyway you cut it.

Little & Company offers fresh, creative, and cost-effective paper solutions, specializing in food-grade papers for baking, wrapping, serving, and transporting food products. We have quality FDA approved substrates ready to convert into rolls or sheets. From baking to shipping, we’ve got you covered.

Little & Company offers a full suite of converting services including slitting, rewinding, sheeting, and guillotine cutting.

Slitting-Rewinding equipment IMG_6631

Parchment paper – A baker’s best friend. Superior to wax paper for its moisture, grease, and heat resistances parchment is an industrial release paper that can be used for sifting, baking, transferring and packaging then wiped clean for reuse.


Kosher Panliner (natural and bleached) – Low dust with a smooth protective surface with a heat resistance up to 400 degrees, our food-safe parchment paper is Kosher and FDA certified. Coated in either silicone or Quilon it is available in standard size sheets or die-cuts or can be custom sheeted to your requested size. Quilon is approved by the FDA and the USDA for the use of meat and poultry and is approved for Kosher use.

Cake Circles

Cake circles patty papers – The pre die-cut design saves prep time for both food prep and packaging. Quilon circles are grease resistant which makes them ideal for lining bakery boxes and pans and can be used for candy, gum, and prepared cooked foods. Coated in either silicone or Quilon it is available in standard size sheets or die-cuts or custom sheeted to your requested size.

cake collar

Cake Collars –Custom sized paper board cake bands available in various sizes including 2.5 x 36″, 4.5 x 36″, and 8 x 36″.


Steak papers – A paper constructed to keep air out and meat juices and bloom locked in. Steak paper enhances the visual appeal of your product. FDA and USDA approved. Available in black, pink, and green.

Freezer Paper

Freezer wrap– Freezer paper is a food-grade poly-coated paper that is Ideal for wrapping foods before freezing to prevent freezer burn on your meats, poultry, and fish by providing a sealed barrier against moisture and air, preserving the quality and flavor of food upon unpacking. This paper maintains its strength and durability in wet and greasy environments.

Butcher Paper IMG_6614

Butcher paper – This is a non-coated, food-grade paper used for wrapping or serving meat, BBQ, and more. Available in white, kraft, or pink.

Brown Kraft

Brown kraft – A non-coated kraft paper used for table runners, wrapping, crafts, or packing.

Pastelito Paper (Pasteles paper) – A type of parchment paper is a wet strength butcher paper that is a water and grease resistant coated paper.  Used as a wrapper for food prep, storage, or boiling pasteles or tamales.


Poly-Coated 2 side – Our poly-coated paper, board grade, is a mix of paper and polyethylene used for food packaging and other product packaging. Designed as a moisture resistant sheet to serve as protective dividers for meat, seafood, vegetables, and more. FDA approved.

And much more! Custom sizes and die-cuts available.
Please inquire so we can create a custom-size product for you.