This lightweight, sediment control product is a game changer. This environmentally friendly sediment control product is included on the PA DEP Alternative E&S and PCSM Best Management Practices list.

The tough yellow netting will not break and will stay strong when you need it to while being lightweight enough so you may only need one man to set it in place.

SwitchSock is the perfect solution for short-term sediment control applications. Learn more about how SwitchSock is different and different applications you might use it for.

Light-Duty Sediment Control

Basically, SwitchSock uses high strength netting filled with switchgrass to quickly handle tough sediment situations.  During restoration projects, SwitchSock can be cut open and spread similar to straw.

Switchsock can also come in handy for decomposition projects. SwitchSock is perfect for light-duty sediment control like stream crossings or around laydown yards and will decompose quicker than other similar sock products. And with its lightweight capabilities, you won’t need an entire crew – you might just need one person!

SwitchSock will stay where it is intended because its exceptionally strong, pale yellow netting will not easily rupture. Switch Grass has been included on their alternative E&S and PCSM best management practice list. Handle your sediment projects will also protecting the environment.SwitchSock

Custom Sizes to Fit Your Project

SwitchSock is offered in palletized form in the following sizes:

  • 8” continuous run palletized SwitchSock (205ft) – 42 stakes included
  • 12” continuous run palletized SwitchSock (125ft) – 26 stakes included
  • 18” continuous run palletized SwithSock (65ft) – 14 stakes included
  • 24” continuous run palletized SwitchSock (40ft) – 9 stakes included
  • SwitchSock is also available in any custom size required for your project.

Applications of SwitchSock

  • Short term sediment control
    • Switchgrass decomposes quickly relative to other tubular sediment control products.
  • Equipment and lay down yard entrances
    • Applications where light duty sediment control is required such as stream crossings, lay down yard perimeter control and similar applications.
  • Ditch checks
    • SwitchSock makes an excellent ditch check. A one-man installation team can put down Road Wattles quickly with nothing more complex than a hammer for stakes.

Bedrock Environment’s Commitment to Quality

Bedrock Environmental was formed to support contactors with the correct EPA approved products with their erosion and sediment control needs. Our roots in the oil and gas industry make us your one-stop-shop for most of your environmental needs. Visit our website to learn more about our organization and SwitchSock.